Introduction (English)

Notarial deed from 1617 (Thomas Farret) Fragment of a notarial deed ('transportakte') from the early 17th century (1617). Thomas Farret (name underlined in the text), a refugee from England and an ancestor of Menno Tjoelker, buys a house in Amsterdam. Details can be found on the page dedicated to Thomas Farret.

This is an English language introduction to the genealogical website of Menno and Tineke Tjoelker-Schuuring. The remainder of the site is not available in English!

The plan of this site is to document our ancestors, i.e., basically we present 'ancestor tables' or 'Ahnentafel', not a family tree with all descendants of some historical persons. Apart from brothers and sisters, siblings are only included if they're among our direct ancestors (with some exceptions). Thus, if you are of Dutch ancestry, chances are that you find some of your ancestors here, even if you are not a Tjoelker or Schuuring!

Almost all information stems from our own investigations of the original, primary sources (archives, family papers, newspapers, etc.) or from direct contact (the latest generations). Much information has been gathered via the Internet or by means of personal visits to the archives. We never simply copy what others have found (or just assumed, or copied from other dubious sources - the Internet abounds in falsehoods!). Sources are indicated, so theoretically you can check everything yourself. Where we have doubts, it has been indicated.

While many people are satisfied to collect basic facts about their ancestors, such as dates of birth, marriage and death, it is our intention to extend these facts by other information, to get an impression of the lives of our forebears. Such information includes family anecdotes, pictures and all kind of documents, for instance, notarial acts, wills, tax or land registry information, etc. The 'narrative' website format that the Gramps genealogy programme offers matches this intention perfectly.

The site is a work in progress: not even all information we have collected has been included yet, and the amount of available information is continuously growing. Also, even we make mistakes, so sometimes there are corrections. ☻

Apart from this page. the site is in Dutch, with occasionally some texts in other languages such as Frisian, English or French, with Dutch translation. If you don't have a working knowledge of Dutch, the factual information will be understandable to you, but the narratives will elude you...

We hope you will enjoy our family history as much as we do. We greatly appreciate any reactions, be it corrections, amendments or just words of appraisal or disapprobation. See contact page how to reach us.

Finally, here is the English translation of some common words that may not be clear at first sight:

Inleiding - Introduction
Achternamen - Surnames
Bronnen - Sources
Wijzigingen - Changes
Geboortenaam - Name of birth
Geslacht - Gender
Gebeurtenissen - Events
Geboorte - Birth
Overlijden - Death, Decease
Begrafenis - Burial
Ouders - Parents
Vader en moeder - Father and mother
Broers en zusters - Brothers and sisters
Getrouwd - Married
Huwelijk - Marriage
Kinderen - Children
Bijzonderheden - Details
Bronverwijzing - Source references
Stamboom - Family tree
Voorouders - Ancestors

For the technically interested:

This website has been made with Gramps version 4.2.8 as Narrative Website, using the 'Mainz' layout, on a computer running Ubuntu Linux. We have slightly adapted the result to our taste by means of modifications to the programme and the css stylesheets and by post-processing using shell script and *ix utilities. We've also devised an upload procedure that avoids uploading all pages each time anything has changed and the site has been re-generated.